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Shri Hemant Kanoria, Vice Chairman, World Confluence of Humanity, Power and Spirituality.



In today’s day and time, everything seems to be going wrong, topsy-turvy and chaotic. This results in stress and mental agony. It is also a call to ourselves to internalize. The process of internalization, engaging in introspection, awakening the latent resilience within, are all very simply stated as spiritual incandescence.

When one attends the confluence on spirituality, humanity and power, the experiences and deeply researched scriptures of the dignitaries, internalizes one with those thoughts and words. It transports us from a chaotic internal world to a peaceful realm of infinite strength.

I pray to that Supreme Being to give us the wisdom to continue to organise this confluence every year and may each year benefit larger number of people, both participants and speakers in their pursuit of self-awareness.





Shri Sunil Kanoria, Vice Chairman, World Confluence of Humanity, Power and Spirituality.


When I reflect on the root cause behind all the corruption and moral decay in our society, the only possible explanation that I can think of is a singular lack of spirituality and self-righteousness amongst the masses. The lure of material success in a competitive world sometimes becomes so strong that it overpowers one’s senses and makes him blind to what is right and what is wrong. It is spiritualism that can help him stick to the path of righteousness. Spiritualism is an opening towards self-consciousness. Spiritualism can help one remain connected to himself and not waver from the right path in search of success and pleasure. Spiritualism can help one to get rid of prejudices, biases, or subjectivity.

Ancient India used to be known as the abode of great philosophers and teachers, India was the haven of vast wisdom and great learning, and people from all over the world used to travel all the way to India to learn from us. Ironically, how many of us today practice spiritualism? Perhaps we, as a nation, have somehow failed in passing on the great learnings from our rich heritage to the future generation.

In this backdrop, the organizing of the annual Confluence of Humanity, Power & Spirituality is indeed a commendable initiative. In its fourth year, this event has become an important fixture in India’s ‘Spirituality Calendar’. May this event help us benefit from the wisdom shared by the enlightened and ignited minds from India and abroad; may we re-establish our contact with our rich heritage; may we imbibe the learnings; may we pass on this learning to others and the next generation; and may we practice what we preach. I wish the event a grand success, and may this event grow from strength to strength and rise in stature in the coming years.



 Shri Rahul Varma, Director, World Confluence of Humanity, Power and Spirituality.



I recall with much satisfaction the background and excitement of the first Confluence when our Chairman, Dr. H.P. Kanoria, unfolded his vision of peace, harmony, love, righteousness and caring for mother Earth, while having faith in one’s religion and respect for other religions; thereby, awakening inner power and igniting selfless dedication for common welfare and growth. The Chairman attached considerable importance to the awakening of women reflecting God’s love.

As we move ahead, it is my privilege to inform that this confluence has attracted over 1000 speakers so far from different faiths and vocations, from different parts of the world, including humanists and luminaries, dignitaries and professionals, leaders and learned men. They all came and utilized the confluence platform to convey their thoughts on how to enrich the mind, spirit and body in its integrality and to make life more meaningful and purposeful.

So far, from January 2010, over 10,000 students have participated in the events. We believe that the youth holds the future and it is them who will make a difference. We approached over 40,000 schools in India and abroad, giving them an edifying theme on spiritualism for an essay competition for which we received a hearty response. This was classified according to different age groups.The successful candidates were awarded cash prizes and their essays were printed in our magazine.

Our effort has been to inspire the youth to tread an ascending path which leads them from the human to the divine. We believe that true humanness consists in cultivating our spirit that gets reflected in intellectuality, morality and humility. These impulses act as motivations and deepen our relationship with fellow human beings. Hence, in every conference we organize a debate on spiritualism with a focused theme where several schools have participated.

We have initiated hundreds of physically challenged children who take part in the ‘Sit and Draw’ competition which brings out their creativity and lightens their burden to carry on their journey with a smile.We are thankful to the reputed artists who act as judges and spend their day with the children. About five thousand students have become members of this confluence who are regularly updated on spiritual articles.

In recognition of outstanding service to humanity in specific domains, we have instituted the Swami Vivekananda Srei Samman
Awards from 2012 to be conferred for exceptional contribution to Humanity in the fields of Education & Literacy Excellence, Health Care and Social Service.

We have also been able to make this conference accessible to a wider audience by documenting the proceedings of all the events in a friendly coffee table book form which is easy to handle. The messages of all the distinguished speakers have been circulated to thousands of people all over the World.

It is a matter of pride and honor to mention that our mission and vision have been greatly applauded by the President of India, the Prime Minister and several Union Ministers, Religious Leaders including His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Secretary General of Missionaries of Charity, Vice Chancellor of various universities from India and overseas.  We have had a positive response from the Presidents of several countries including the Secretary General of the UN and many more. Our journey will continue & we shall keep on marching, holding the flag of the confluence high.